Running Train Status – Major Changes

On 7th October, the old which provided direct access to running train status was replaced with the new site by, and the app stopped functioning.  The new site ( is far more refined, mobile friendly and frankly, quite nice.

So a new version of the app was released which initially just provided a quick link to the new  Over the coming 2 weeks however, significant modifications were done, now the app has options for live status, train time table and station status.  Later, PNR enquiry was also added.

Meet the New Running Train Status!

Even with the new mobile friendly, the app remains relevant by providing quick, direct access, simple interface and bookmarks.  Most importantly, being a native app, the performance will always be better than a web application.

So please enjoy using the new Running Train Status from Sasyabook – as always available on Google Play.

Android app on Google Play
Available on Google Play

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