Indian Train Status – Offline Time Tables

In the latest update, Indian Train Status v4.6 for Android, and  v2.8 for iPhone, the option to save Time Tables for offline viewing has been added.  The icon has also been updated.

Indian Train Status
Indian Train Status: New Icon

While traveling in a train, it is far more accurate to compare the saved time table, with the GPS location on the map to get the train status rather than depend on live status from, which is often inaccurate.  So accurate it could be called “Ninja” train status!

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2 Replies to “Indian Train Status – Offline Time Tables”

  1. Thanks for that. Saved timetable feature is what I was looking for. Very helpful.
    If I may make a suggestion, how about making similar thing to pnr number. They can be bookmarked or saved so that everytime I want to check pnr I wont have to type it, just select from save or bookmarked pnr.

    1. Thanks for the comments and the suggestion. If I may point out, under the hood, the app already stores the last 5 PNRs, they are in the auto-complete menu which pops up when you start entering the PNR, one drawback is you have to remember the first digit! Let me see if there is a way to make it more “visible”, till then, please use the autocomplete to avoid typing in the PNRs! (any way, most PNRs seem to start with 2, 4, 6 or 8)..

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