Indian Train Alarm for Windows Phone 8

Just released: Indian Train Alarm for Windows Phone 8!

Indian Train AlarmJust like the Android version, this app  comes with a list of Indian Railway Stations, with their locations, to set the alarms. Over 2400 stations are currently listed, more stations are being continuously added, and you can also add stations on your own after downloading the app!

Now be informed when your train is about to reach a station, using the location services on your Windows Phone! No internet connection is required for the alarms to work.

The alarms may be set with a triggering radius of 5km or 25km, and will be triggered within an error margin of generally within 1/2 – 1km, depending on the accuracy of the location fix.

And uniquely for Windows Phone: you can set a live tile to show the updated distance to the first alarm station! Indian Train Alarm

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