Widgets in ITS 5.4 for Android

Widgets for Indian Train Status
Widgets for Indian Train Status

A preview screenshot of the widgets that will be available in the upcoming Indian Train Status 5.4 for android:

With these widgets added to the home screen, you will get one-touch, ultra-quick access to status and time tables.

Another feature that will be available is offline caching of time tables, so that you can check the time table offline, esp while traveling. And yes, this will work even from a time table widget!

Expected release date for ITS 5.4 is 11th February, 2014.

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Indian Train Alarm

Indian Train Alarm

Location based alarm for Indian Railway Stations!

This Brand New App from Sasyabook comes with a list of Indain Railway Stations with their locations to set the alarms. Around 2000 stations are currently listed, are more stations are being added.

Now, you can be informed when your train is about to reach a station, by the location services on your Android mobile! No internet connection is required for the alarms to work.

The alarms are set with a triggering radius of 5km.

The app uses a unique low battery consuming location alarm service provided by Anagog Ltd. (www.anagog.com)

Indian Train Alarm

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Train Status – Big Letdown!

The Train Status app has been hit hard by changes at the train enquiry portal .  The app used to fetch useful train info from trainenquiry.com which has been replaced by the new portal http://enquiry.indianrail.gov.in and I had to update the app,  otherwise it simply would stop working.   Since this new portal does not allow linking to the direct train results,  a lot of functionality has been lost, with no immediate chance to recover any of it.

Thus, as of now, the fact is that you could really just bookmark the site http://enquiry.indianrail.gov.in and use it instead – that is, unless you would like to have the links in a familiar place along with the other features like pnr enquiry and berth & seat calc.

Here is a screenshot of the new – “crippled” – version on Android, which links to the app on Google Play

Indian Train Status
Indian Train Status

Ticket Store: New App!

Easy and convenient storage of Indain Rail e-ticket SMSes with built in PNR, train status and time table enquiry.  It works along with Train Status – do check it out!

Ticket Store
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Indian Train Status – Quick Tip: Paste the Entire PNR SMS!

Noted in a review for the app: “am looking fwd to pasting the entire SMS for finding PNR status”.  Well dear user, your wish has already been granted!

If you copy an entire SMS, go to the app (in Android) and hit paste, the PNR contained in the SMS alone will be pasted automatically, and the status enquiry will proceed.

In iOS, if you copy an entire SMS with PNR, and open the app, the PNR will be already pasted there, just hit Check to proceed!

Indian Train Status – Offline Time Tables

In the latest update, Indian Train Status v4.6 for Android, and  v2.8 for iPhone, the option to save Time Tables for offline viewing has been added.  The icon has also been updated.

Indian Train Status
Indian Train Status: New Icon

While traveling in a train, it is far more accurate to compare the saved time table, with the GPS location on the map to get the train status rather than depend on live status from trainenquiry.com, which is often inaccurate.  So accurate it could be called “Ninja” train status!

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Indian Train Status (v4.2)

Finally, decided to rename to app to Indian Train Status, thought it sounded more appropriate.  In addition, the following changes have made it into version 4.2:

  • The new ‘Holo’ theme is now used when available, which has a much better look & feel
  • Added link to IRCTC mobile ticketing
  • Optimizations for bookmarks – better sorting, which also corrected a small bug that was causing the wrong bookmark to load, immediately after deleting another bookmark

    Indian Train Status
    Indian Train Status

Running Train Status Updates – Berth & Seat Calc, Passenger Trains

Running Train Status for Android now has a simple berth & seat calc, accessible from the main screen. While checking PNR status,  it seemed that it would be nice to have an easy way to check which the displayed berths/seats are.  Just enter a berth/seat no and select the class and the berth/seat is immediately displayed.


Another major enhancement in the utility of the app would be that information on many local and passenger trains which previously were not being displayed have now been added, so that the annoying message “No matching trains found!” occurs much less often.  This is a server side update, so there is nothing new to download from the store.

With all these updates, Running Train Status is all set remain your indispensable companion while traveling Indian Railways.. Happy New Year!

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Running Train Status – Major Changes

On 7th October, the old trainenquiry.com which provided direct access to running train status was replaced with the new site by railyatri.in, and the app stopped functioning.  The new site (railyatri.in/l) is far more refined, mobile friendly and frankly, quite nice.

So a new version of the app was released which initially just provided a quick link to the new trainenquiry.com.  Over the coming 2 weeks however, significant modifications were done, now the app has options for live status, train time table and station status.  Later, PNR enquiry was also added.

Meet the New Running Train Status!

Even with the new mobile friendly trainenquiry.com, the app remains relevant by providing quick, direct access, simple interface and bookmarks.  Most importantly, being a native app, the performance will always be better than a web application.

So please enjoy using the new Running Train Status from Sasyabook – as always available on Google Play.

Android app on Google Play
Available on Google Play

Running Train Status

Running Train Status, the android app, has more than 50000 downloads so far as per stats provided by android market. This only shows how important real time mobile information is for the traveling modern netizen!   The app is frequently updated to provide the best experience for users, based on feedback and trends, and has gone through some significant changes in a relatively short time.

Main Screen
Main Screen
Train Status Display
Train Status Display

The current version, 3.0, finally has built-in station code search, which was often pointed out as a missing feature.

Station Code Search
Station Code Search

There is an integrated option to launch Google maps  to quickly check the train location.

Launch Google Maps from the app and quickly check train location!

All of this making it your indispensable companion while traveling Indian Railways!

I thank all the users who gave valuable feedback and suggestions, that helped to make the app what it is today.

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