A Regular Expression to match all HTML tags

A regular expression to match all HTML tags, including surrounding white space, as well as clustered tags:


For example,  this can be used in java (or android) code to split an HTML table and return the contained text in each cell as members of an array of strings :

 String tablecontents [] = htmltable.split("(\\s*<[^>]+>\\s*)+");

This uses the string splitter function String.split(regexp) which can split strings based on a given regular expression.  The fragments are returned as an array, which is quite handy.

Particle Box: The Game!

How fast can you clear the particle box? A casual time-killer for android!

– Your task is to clear all the particles in the box by zapping them into smaller bits with your finger
– Be careful though, things can get complicated as the box is very sensitive and spawns new particles if touched in any empty spot
– You have three controls to assist you –  slow, toggle gravity and Split!

***Happy Zappin’!***

Particle Box
Particle Box: Available from the Android Market