Announcing the Train Status Beta Testers Google+ Community

A beta tester community has been created for Indian Train Status (Android & iOS).  Join the community & check out latest development features:

And after joining the community, to opt – in for Android beta testing, visit:

For iOS, it is  by email invitation, so just send in your email and you will be invited for ‘TestFlight’ beta testing.


Announcing: The Business Card App

Your business card on your phone!

Business Card App - Screenshot

☆ A business card, ready to share anytime, right on your phone.
☆ Works 100% offline with a big, bright QR code that may be scanned using any QR scanner, on any platform.
☆ Can be shared using all available options – including Messaging, Bluetooth & NFC/Android Beam.
☆ Syncs with your phone ‘ME’ contact card for even better sharing (optional).

In short, if you are ever likely to forget your business card – or would like to go paperless – this app is for you!

Get it on Google Play

Saving the Planet, One App at a Time!

Today is Earth Day – and is special here at Sasyabook, which stands ‘greenware‘ : apps that are efficient, and non-wasteful, and thus minimize the time and energy required to complete relevant tasks.

A tiny contribution, no doubt, but still worth mentioning on this special day, being a theme common to all the apps featured on this site.

Courier Tracker for iPhone & iPad!

Courier Tracker »Multi« is now available for iPhone & iPad!

Courier Tracker »Multi«

Download on the App Store

The Lord of the Shipments: One App to Track Them All!

  • Tracking for ONE HUNDRED AND SIX popular courier services in India and around the world
  • TRACKING HISTORY with a COLOR scheme and tagging for easy identification
  • SMART PASTE to paste text directly from an sms or email: copy & paste an entire message or a link and the tracking number will be searched for and pasted
  • SHARING of tracking details directly from the app via email, AirDrop, iMessage and more

Note: The app works by directing the queries to the tracking sites of the respective couriers.

Updates for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

All iOS apps featured here have been updated for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus – with resizable launch screens, auto layout and landscape orientation support.  All of these make the apps essentially independent of the device screen size, and hence all of them now run without scaling on the iPad as well!

Train Status on iPhone 6 Plus
Train Status running on iPhone 6 Plus

Of course whether that is required is another matter, an app such as Divert Calls would meaningless to have on on iPad, so would Ticket Wallet, more or less, since the tickets must be copied from SMS messages – but still, if installed, they do run happily on the large screens.

The apps that already supported iPad (Train Alarm, IV Thrombolysis) will continue to do so but designing the layouts for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus has lead to several further tweaks which improve the overall interface even on smaller iPhones (I suppose that’s what we’ll be calling iPhone 4 & 5 hence forth!).

However, the app that benefitted the most is: Train Statusit now a Universal app, that can be installed, and runs without scaling on all screens, from iPhone 4 to iPad –  and thus being available now for two whole new families of devices.