ColorBox is a Java application for editing and selecting colors.

Download Colorbox


  • A comprehensive color library of 140 standard HTML colors .
  • Controls to modify the colors by either adjusting the intensity of the individual components of the color, or of the color as a whole.
  • A real time color display, which shows the components of the color in any of the following formats
  1. Hexadecimal string : The popular #XXXXXX format used in HTML and JavaScript. Can be pasted directly into source html.
  2. RGB decimal integers : used in applications like Windows™ Paint.
  3. Plain decimal : may be used in Java Programs
  4. RGB triple floating point ratio : used in VRML
  • Set the number of decimal places to round off the triple ratios.
  • Generate random colors. (only if called for!)
  • Checks if a user defined or random color is already defined in the library.


  1. Unzip the file.
  2. Color Box is distributed as an Executable Jar File. Click on ‘ColorBox.jar’ to run.
  3. If this doesn’t work, change to the installed folder and type “java -jar ColorBox.jar”, from a command line.


Mohan Noone