Divert Calls 1.0 for iPhone

Divert Calls
Divert Calls 1.0 for iPhone


***For GSM iPhones***

  • Setup conditional call diverts for your iPhone!
  • All, Busy, Unanswered & Unreachable
  • Phone number to divert may be selected from the contacts list
  • Appropriate standard GSM call divert code will be generated, this has to be manually pasted in the phone app and the call button hit to implement the divert

Available on the App Store

4 Replies to “Divert Calls 1.0 for iPhone”

    1. Sorry to hear that, if possible, please try a reinstall, perhaps the settings have got corrupted. If the problem persists, please try to send a crash report.

  1. How to use this app to divert all calls from a specific number? I downloaded this app. Can you elaborate the steps?

    1. Select the number and type of divert and tap the enable button. Then go to the phone, keypad and paste the generated code and hit the call button to implement the divert.

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